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Doylestown Chiropractor Reviews New Study On Manipulation and Athletic Performance

Dr. Jeff McQuaite, a Doylestown Chiropractor, is pleased to share this new study that shows the benefit of manipulative therapy and how it can have a positive effect on athletic performance, especially football players.

This recent study was performed at Virginia Tech and published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association.  The study consisted of 115 Virginia Tech Football players receiving manipulative therapy, similar to those given at Dr. McQuiate’s Doylestown chiropractic office, over the course of 2 seasons.  The adjustments were given pregame in order to restore maximal, pain-free movement of the musculoskeletal system and to enhance neuromuscular function.  After each game, the coaching staff “graded” the players by using a standard coaching algorithm.  The pre-competition manipulative treatment was positively associated with improved performance among both offensive and defensive Virginia Tech football players.

Previous research has already shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can prevent injury in athletes, and this new research suggests it may actually improve their athletic performance.  This is why approximately 75% of NCAA Division 1, top 20 teams, 66% of NCAA Division 1 AA top 20 teams and 100% of NFL teams have a chiropractor as a part of their training staff.

If you would like to learn more about how Dr. McQuaite and his team at Azzatori Chiropractic-Doylestown can help you and your players attain their athletic goals, please contact him at his Doylestown chiropractic office.

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