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Doylestown, PA Chiropractic Care for Back Pain – Dr. Jeff McQuaite

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Doylestown Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Safely

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According to a leading consumer magazine report, chiropractic care received the highest rating from patients for the options for back pain relief. Chiropractors provide care for the body that can reduce suffering without use of medication. A Doylestown chiropractor offers this type of customer approved therapy.

Studies have sown 80% of US citizens report back pain at one point in life. When seeking help for the problem 59% of patients are highly satisfied with the help from chiropractic care. These numbers show a higher rating than physical therapy. Chiropractic patients report almost twice the satisfaction levels of individuals who turn to a primary care physician. Patients are less likely to experience side effects from this therapy.

Today patients are looking for something other than a quick fix that often allows the pain to come back. Pain medications can actually slow the healing process. An individual with a numbed pain response may experience further injury so the problem grows in complexity. While surgery is an option, it should always be the last resort.

Chiropractic adjustments provide effective therapy for patients experiencing back pain. The high level of customer satisfaction should point others to this type of help. Many patients agree that chiropractic is the best option for their needs and one of the most effective options to bring better health.

Chiropractors have provided help for patients who experience back problems for more than one hundred years. While chiropractic care does not directly affect the pain, it can correct underlying neurological and structural problems that cause the problem. Patients find that the therapy provides results, allowing patients to experience healthier living.

A Doylestown chiropractor offers help for patients seeking help for their back problems. The therapy used restores balance to the spine allowing injured nerves to heal. As the underlying problems are resolved patients experience less pain. Chiropractors offer a drug free approach that may help patients avoid surgery.

You can get a summary of the reasons why you should consult a Doylestown chiropractor and more information about a reputable chiropractic doctor at today.

Doylestown chiropractor reviews new study showing chiropractic more effective than NSAIDs for back pain.

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If you are one of the nearly 80% of American’s that suffer from back pain, you know it’s not unusual for you to have a bottle of pain medication close by and take them like you are eating candy!  However while these OTC medications may temporarily take the edge off, recent research suggests they may be ineffective as a long-term treatment for back pain. Dr. Jeff McQuaite, a chiropractor in Doylestown, has found a new study from the journal Spine suggests that chiropractic treatments are more effective for back pain than pain medication.

There were 101 patients selected for this test from 5 different outpatient practices.  The patients receiving spinal adjustments saw faster and more substantial improvements than patients taking the pain medication. They also reported having a better quality of life after treatment than the patients on pain medications.

While there have been other studies showing how beneficial chiropractic is for back pain, this is the first one to show that chiropractic is more effective than medication.

If you would like more information on this study and how Dr. Jeff and his team at his Doylestown chiropractic office can help you, please feel free to contact them.

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