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Chalfont, PA Chiropractor Offers Spinal Decompression For Back Pain Relief

Patients with back pain may find relief through spinal decompression therapy. This approach to pain management has worked successfully on numerous conditions such as disc disorders, strains, and sciatica. A Chalfont chiropractor can determine if a patient would be a good candidate for this technique and if so, begin therapy.

Spinal decompression exerts a force on the spine which causes the vertebrae to temporarily separate and a vacuum to form between them. When this process occurs, it can restore proper placement of spinal discs, alleviate pressure on nerves, and also increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the area. Many patients feel less pain immediately following this procedure.

There are different ways to achieve decompression; one of these is called inversion therapy. A traction table is used through which the practitioner can control the angle and force of decompression. The patient lies on the table on either his or her back or stomach, depending on which part of the back is affected. The decompression force is delivered alternately with periods of relaxation for about a half hour.

Another technique used is mechanical pelvic traction. The patient is positioned on the table so the legs are at a 90 degree angle to the body and they are strapped in at the hips and chest. The practitioner will adjust the pull of the device based on the patient’s body weight, most start out at a force of 50% of their mass and it may be intermittent or continuous. A session is usually 10 to 20 minutes long.

It is also possible to exert this force on the spine and joints manually. The key difference between this approach and the others is that no equipment is used, just human strength but the effects are basically the same and an immediate improvement is often experienced by the patient. Not every practitioner can perform this procedure, it takes special training, most will use the traction table instead.

Decompression has been proven to be an effective way to alleviate back pain. As with other chiropractic methods, it is considered safe and without side effects. A Chalfont chiropractor can offer this therapy to patients who are suffering from back pain and after a few sessions they should be feeling considerably better.

Chiropractic care helps relieve spine and groin pain safely. You can get more information about a reputable Chalfont chiropractor at http://www.mcquaitechiropractic.com now.

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