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Doylestown Chiropractor Talks All About Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems that affect lots of people. It feels like a tension, an ache or stiffness in the back. There are actually 2 types of back pain. One is an acute type that usually starts suddenly and the next one is a chronic type that bothers the sufferer for months. This kind of pain, at times, can be severe, which people find it hard to move sideways or bend forward. Back pain has main causes including injuries at the back, strain in the back muscles, sprain on your ligaments that join the slipped disks and bones.

Back pain is triggered by a bad posture while you are standing or sitting, lifting incorrectly, or bending awkwardly. It isn’t caused by some serious health conditions, and it often gets better in 12 weeks. It is usually treated by keeping mobile and taking painkillers.

Back pain is common from the lower portion of the back, but you can also feel it anywhere along the spine, from the neck down the hips. According to the Doylestown Pa Chiropractor, back pain is related with the way your bones, ligaments, and muscles in your back work together.

Types of Back Pain

Lower back pain may be associated with your lumbar spine, discs between your vertebrae, ligaments around your discs and spine, nerves and spinal cord, muscles of the lower back, pelvic and abdomen internal organs, and also the skin from around your lumbar area. Upper back pain may be caused by disorders of aorta, chest tumors, and even spine inflammation.

Back Pain and Its Risk Factors

Risk factors are something that increases the possibility of the onset of a disease or condition. These factors are being linked to higher risks of developing back pain:

–          Mentally stressful work

–          Pregnancy – a pregnant woman is more prone to back pains

–          Sedentary lifestyle

–          Age – the elderly are more prone compared to your adults and children

–          Depression

–          Anxiety

–          Gender – back pains are common with females compared to males

–          Overweight/obesity

–          Smoking

–          Strenuous physical activity or exercise

Treating Your Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pains, you should consider trying to remain active and continue your everyday activities. Before, doctors will recommend rest but now most experts agree that staying inactive for a long period of time is not good for the back. Moderate activity like walking or even doing your everyday tasks can help you recover from the pain. You can also take painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol if you need to. Cold or hot compress can also reduce your back pain.

For back pains that last for more than 6 six, which is being described as chronic, treatment may involve combination of  either exercise classes, chiropractic care,  manual therapy, spinal decompression or acupuncture. It is essential for you to know the different factors concerning back pains in order for you to have the best knowledge on how to treat or even prevent back pains from happening or reoccurring.

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