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Doylestown Chiropractor Discusses The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

There are actually lots of car accident injuries that can happen to literally anyone. Most Bucks County car accidents are considered minor, with the vehicle suffering more bumps and scrapes than the passengers, but the risks for injury are real for almost anyone on road. Car accidents can definitely cause lots of different injuries, to any part of the body but it depends upon the circumstances of the said crash as well as the severity of it.
Here are the most common injuries that you should see a car accident doctor for:
• Head and Brain Injuries: one of the most debilitating injuries that are being suffered by passengers and drivers is a closed head injury, ranging from mild concussion to traumatic brain injury.
• Neck injuries: this is another common type of car accident injury, which can actually occur in mild forms like neck strain and whiplash, to a more serious injury like disc injury and cervical discoloration.
• Back Injuries: The lower part of the back is common site for back injuries, which include strains and sprains, fractured vertebrae, and herniated discs. These types of injury can limit mobility and cause pain. Back injuries can cause severe and long lasting discomfort and pain.
• Spinal Cord Injuries: During a car accident, the spinal cord may be damaged when bone fragments are displaced, disc material, bruise on the ligaments, or even tear in the spinal cord tissues, destroying axons. Spinal cord damages often results to a loss of feeling and function.
• Internal injuries: the impact from a car accident can also cause serious internal injuries such as bowel injuries, kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, aorta or heart. Fractured ribs and bones are quite common, causing puncture of the lungs or other internal body organs. Internal injuries can be life threatening, thus they should be handled and treated by medical professionals immediately.
• Facial Injuries: in car accidents, face injuries are quite common, and they are usually because of the dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, airbag, car seats, shattered glass, or side window. These types of injury usually range from bruises and scrapes, to fractures and lacerations, even to serious disorders that affect the jaw, and dental injuries.
• Psychological injuries: It is a fact that car accidents can be extremely traumatic both for the drivers and passengers. These accidents involve injuries and even death; these can also result to passengers and drivers suffering from short term or long term psychological injuries like emotional distress, depression, persistent anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorders. Sadly, psychological injuries affect the different aspects of the life of all the people involved in the car accident.

Are car accident injuries obvious right away? Many are obvious, but there are some that are not. As the result of trauma from the accident, the body produces hormones that are called endorphins and they act as effective painkillers. Due to the excitement from the accident as well as the endorphins produce, injuries might not be that obvious. If you think you are suffering from a car accident injury, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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