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Chalfont Area Chiropractor Helps Prevent Chronic Back Pain

If you remember the parts played by John Wayne in the movies, they were always very manly men, who shrugged off pain and injury, and just went about their business of fighting bad guys in various settings. Wayne’s character would routinely get shot, beat up, or injured in other ways, but he rarely ever complained about it.

Well, that may have worked for John Wayne in the movies, but it doesn’t work in real life. In real life when your body has pain, it means that there’s an issue that should be treated by a Chalfont chiropractor, or the pain will come back.

However, when it comes to lower back pain, many people aren’t listening to the message. According to a study reported in the journal Spine, of 443 people with lower back pain, who were being treated in a primary care setting and were followed up after two years, only 8 percent of those people said they had taken sick leave because of the pain. That means they didn’t think the pain was very acute, or it could mean they thought they could just grin and bear it, go about their business without really acknowledging the seriousness of the condition.

However, this same study found that a full 19 percent of these patients still had chronic back pain after two years. Now, this probably doesn’t mean that they were being incapacitated by intense back pain, but they had a condition where they were constantly feeling a low grade pain that never really went away. Chronic pain is a constant reminder, always in the background of your life, and it can make you miserable because it never leaves.

The bottom line is that the pain doesn’t go away on its own. You need treatment. You can’t be a John Wayne and try to muddle through your life without treatment, because the condition will keep coming back. Chiropractic treatment with s Chalfont pa chiropractor has been shown to be effective in treating lower back pain. Get treatment of your acute lower back pain before it turns chronic.

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