These days people are more educated than ever before about health, and they take a more active role in choosing which kind of treatment they want to receive. Alternative therapies are becoming more accepted as people investigate other options besides the traditional medical solutions of prescription drugs and surgery for many medical conditions.

Chiropractic care is one of those alternative therapies. There was a time when many in the medical profession looked down on chiropractors, and in fact the American Medical Association lost a federal antitrust lawsuit in 1987 because it was falsely claiming that chiropractic was harmful. Today, chiropractic is recognized as a viable alternative to surgery for spinal conditions. In fact, the general recommendation from the National Institute of Health is six weeks of manual therapy before any kind of spinal surgery is pursued. There have been numerous studies in the last decade that have confirmed what Doylestown chiropractors have known all along: that the various systems of the body and mind are much more interconnected than we realize, and problems in the spine and nervous system are often manifested in other areas of the body.

There are still some people in and outside of the medical profession who scoff at alternative methods like chiropractic. However, their numbers are decreasing daily. The smart people these days realize that traditional medicine and alternative therapies like chiropractic can work hand in hand for effective solutions to a host of ailments. Even insurance companies are realizing a health care system that harmonizes both approaches is best for everyone. In the long term, it saves businesses health dollar costs. It also keeps employees well, they perform better, and they’re more satisfied and happier.

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