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doylestown car accident

Even a minor car accident can have effects that last for years, including debilitating pain and severe restrictions on body movement. The worst part is, many problems don’t appear till long after the accident. One way to prevent this from happening is to adopt chiropractic care as part of your treatment regimen. It’s a proven method that works — in 1996, British researchers found that 93 percent of car accident injury patients with neck pain experienced dramatic improvement with chiropractic care from an auto accident doctor. Another study, published in 2015, by a Canadian government group, found that spinal manipulation, combined with staying active and continuing to work, are the most important factors in recovering quickly from car accident trauma.

Central Bucks car accident

There are several important ways that chiropractic can help car crash victims.

  •  It reduces inflammation. Ligaments and muscles can experience micro tears in a collision, and that causes inflammation. Chiropractic treatment has been proven to stimulate the release of anti-inflammatory substances that aid in healing.
  • It restores range of motion. Inflammation can make tissues immobile, which slows down healing. Chiropractic can restore the body’s range of motion quickly, which speeds up the healing process.
  •  It reduces scar tissue. Scarring is part of the healing process, but scar tissue can be uncomfortable until the body is able to stretch out the tissue. Chiropractic treatment can help stretch areas — like the neck and back — that are difficult to stretch.
  • It reduces pain. This type of care from a car accident doctor stimulates the release of pain-reducing hormones, which help in the healing process.
  • It prevents chronic pain. Studies show that early treatment with chiropractic reduces the occurrence of long term chronic pain.

There are plenty of reasons to visit a chiropractor in Doylestown if you’ve been involved in a car accident!