“No pain no gain” is a popular slogan among people who exercise regularly, and of course it means that in order to get the maximum benefit from an exercise program you need to push your body a little, maybe endure a little discomfort to reach your goals.

However, a lot of people think that “no pain no gain” means they need to ignore their body’s warning signs. Pain is the way our bodies tell us that something is wrong, and it’s never a good idea to ignore pain.


Soreness is another matter, of course. It’s common to experience some muscle aching and soreness when you try a new exercise, or push your body in ways that it’s not used to. People who exercise regularly are familiar with soreness, and they know it will go away with time.

Distinguishing between soreness and pain is an important skill, and you should know how to tell them apart. Here are two ways you can do that.

. Pain feels different. A pain response is sharper and more intense than soreness. Pain can make you suck in your breath, bite your lip, or stop you in your tracks with its intensity. Soreness is much easier to deal with, and is usually nothing more than a dull, throbbing achiness.

. Pain lasts longer. Soreness from a workout will go away in a couple of days — pain will not. If you’re still getting sharp pain three days after a workout, it’s time to see your best local chiropractor.


One more thing: don’t have the mistaken idea that if you visit your doctor about your pain, he or she will forbid you from exercising. In many cases a Jamison chiropractor will simply tell you to change your exercise routine, not stop it altogether, to see if the pain goes away.

The important thing is not to ignore pain when you feel it, because that can only lead to bigger problems.

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