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Too Much Sitting Is Bad For Your Health

October 19, 2016 Leave a comment

Sitting for long periods is probably one of the worst things you can do to the human body, and now there’s proof of it.

Back pain from sittingRecent scientific research discovered by a Doylestown chiropractor, has found that sitting for eight or more hours a day, the way many people do when they work at an office, along with not exercising, can be as bad for your health as obesity or smoking.

Sitting has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and other ailments, as new research shows.

The good news is that moderate physical activity, meaning a minimum of 60 minutes a day, can negate the ill effects of prolonged sitting. A study published in the online medical journal Lancet found that 60 to 75 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking, can erase the higher risk of death for people who sit eight hours a day.

If you sit in an office all day long but come home and watch five hours of television at night, however, you’ve lost the benefit from your daily exercise, says the best chiropractor near me.

back pain sitting watching TV

Scientists analyzed more than a dozen studies that looked at physical activity levels, television watching and other sedentary habits of more than one million people, mostly older than age 45, and most living in First World countries.

It’s becoming clear that prolonged sitting is not good for health. Although you can’t just quit your job if it involves hours of sitting, you can certainly do your best to prevent the back pain from sitting it causes if you get out for a brisk walk, bike ride, or other type of moderate exercise for at least an hour a day.



If you tell the average person you have back pain, he or she will probably tell you to go to a chiropractor. If you say you have high blood pressure, most people won’t think of a local chiropractor right off the bat. It’s a fact, though, that chiropractors can help with other ailments besides back pain, although most people don’t know that. Chiropractors are trained in many areas of diagnosis and treatment, including pediatrics, nutrition, orthopedics, and sports medicine, and they can be a valuable part of your health care team.


Here are a few conditions chiropractors can treat that you might not know about.

Pregnancy pain. Pregnant women have many aches and pains, and some of them are because of improper alignment of the pelvis. Chiropractic treatment can assist with balancing the pelvis, which alleviates these aches and pains. The benefit is that this type of treatment does not require any medication, which is a good thing for an expectant mother and her baby. Studies have shown that 75 percent of women who received chiropractic care during pregnancy reported relief from pain.


Digestive problems. Because chiropractic treatment deals with nerves in the chest and abdominal region that are linked to digestion, it can be helpful in treating digestive ailments. Some research shows that herniated discs can cause chronic abdominal pain. Warrington PA. Chiropractors are experts at treating herniated disc issues, so in cases like this they can certainly help alleviate abdominal pain.


High blood pressure. Blood pressure is best controlled with diet, exercise, and medication, but don’t leave out chiropractic as part of your package of medical care. Some studies suggest that misaligned vertebra in the neck play a role in high blood pressure, and that regular chiropractic adjustments can help to lower your blood pressure.

Avoid Back Pain With Good Posture

One of the most common causes of joint and muscle pain is poor posture. Slouching, slumping, and other postural bad habits create imbalances that in the long term can cause pain and discomfort.

The problem is that poor posture is something most of us don’t even notice. We’re so used to it that we can actually be surprised when someone points out that we’re slumping, or when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror and see the curvature of our spine.


There’s no magic formula that will give us good posture says a Jamison chiropractor. It’s just a question of reminding ourselves to practice good posture many times throughout the day. Here are a few tips to help you.

. Sit correctly. Most of us spend hours sitting every day, and this is why sitting with good posture is crucial. A Jamison chiropractor says you should sit as though your head were being pulled up on a string, and you should not dip your head forward. Keep your feet flat on the floor and make sure your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle.

. Avoid heels. High heels may be attractive, but they’re not good for your posture. According to a local chiropractor, standing in heels makes a pronounced curve in your lower spine, putting more pressure on that area. Sitting in heels makes it impossible to get the 90 degree knee bend you need for good posture.

. Stand tall. Proper standing posture is similar to sitting, in that you should keep the head aligned at the top of your spine. Also, your feet should be shoulder width apart, with the weight evenly distributed.

Remind yourself to follow these posture rules every day, and before long you’ll establish healthier posture habits.

Doylestown, PA Low Back Pain Doctor, Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Helps Alleviate Pain Without Surgery

Azzatori Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff McQuaite, D. C., Doylestown chiropractor, provide therapy to improve the quality of life by reducing pain levels. No surgical measures are incorporated into chiropractic care.

PRESS RELEASE: Doylestown PA, 07-JUNE-2013 – Azzatori Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, are pleased to announce that local residents can take advantage of non-surgical pain relief. There are many different types of pain, but traditional health professionals tend to use either a surgical or a pharmaceutical remedy. Neither solution is permanent and each may actually increase the pain.

“At the Azzatori Chiropractic Center, ” explains Dr. Jeff McQuaite, “We have an affordable and welcoming atmosphere for patients. We are flexible about appointments, since we understand that people don’t schedule accidents or injuries. Prompt and effective pain relief is the first stage of therapy.”

The first consultation begins with a thorough examination and understanding of the patient’s health history. There may be digital images required. A physical examination will assist the doctor in developing a care plan. The patient is in the loop throughout the process. A patient who is knowledgeable and invested in care is more likely to have satisfactory results.

Often, spinal adjustment is a preliminary tactic to reduce or eliminate the acute stage of pain. Once there is relief, the body is better able to improve the overall health. Follow-up therapy will depend upon the nature of the underlying cause of the pain. The patient may be advised to improve exercise or nutrition. Sometimes reducing stress levels through behavior changes is enough to reduce pain.

Learn more about pain alleviation techniques using the up-to-the-minute methods that are available through the Doylestown chiropractor skills and actions by visiting the web pages at now. Members of the press and individuals who have additional questions about the information included in this press notice are invited to contact Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeff McQuaite, D. C.

Company Name: Azzatory Chiropractic Center

Address: 295 Logan Street, Doylestown, PA. 18901

Contact Telephone Number: (267) 247-7000



Doylestown PA Low Back Pain Relief Is Closer Than You Think

Lower back pain can cause you to experience serious mobility issues. You might not be able to straighten up when you are experiencing an injury or other painful issue in the lumbar region of your back. Learn how you can reach relief with a Doylestown chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can allow you to experience several benefits for pain relief and a greater level of health. Choosing the natural care provided by a chiropractor allows you to also avoid side effects of drugs. Many people have found dealing with side effects can be as debilitating as their source of pain.

Subluxation is a term used by chiropractors to describe the misalignment of the spine. When this misalignment happens, you could experience severe back pain. Misaligned spinal vertebrae can cause the nerves in the spine to become pinched. You may know the pain that comes from a pinched nerve. Spinal manipulations from a chiropractor can help to realign the spine, lowering the pain you might be feeling.

The physical activity you may do every day can increase your pain, especially if you have injured your spine in some way. In the event you are experiencing a pinched nerve, compression can become worse by bending or stretching. Lowered physical activity and rest may be a part of your chiropractic care plan.

Managing your pain can be a lot easier when you learn how to better deal with the stress in your life. For this reason, many chiropractic clinics offer stress management through massage therapy. You may find a professional massage therapist greatly helpful to the pain levels your back is causing.

Reaching your optimum level of health can be done with natural, alternative health care. Providing natural support to your body existing abilities for healing is important. Learn how to be pain free and healthier by visiting a Doylestown chiropractor.

Chiropractic care alleviates back, wrist and finger pain naturally. Click here for more information about a reputable Doylestown chiropractor at now.


Doylestown, PA Try Spinal Decompression Therapy – Dr. Jeff McQuaite

Doylestown, PA Chiropractor Alleviates Slipped Disc Pain Safely

Back pain is a common symptom and people frequently consult chiropractors to alleviate it. A Doylestown chiropractor has been trained over many years to identify the origin of the problem so that the appropriate technique can be applied. Chiropractic therapies have been proven over many years to be highly effective in relieving many of the conditions that cause this symptom.

A slipped or herniated disc is quite a common problem, and there are several possible reasons for this problem. While it may be pain free, in many cases it may cause excruciating pain if a nerve is compressed. Effective alleviation of the pain depends on investigating and identifying any misalignment or other problem in the back.

There are many different reasons for either chronic or acute pain. These symptoms may be muscular in origin as well as due to slipped discs, inflamed nerves, or other problems. Most of these conditions respond well to chiropractic therapies, which makes this the modality of choice for sufferers.

The most common condition for which chiropractic is recommended is in fact herniated discs. As a result, chiropractors have usually had extensive experience in dealing with all the many variations patients can present with. The best part is that most techniques employed are non-invasive and have no side-effects.

Anyone who is still uncertain should easily be able to find people who have experienced this sort of pain and found relief in chiropractic. Virtually all are sure to have experienced very satisfactory results. There can be no better recommendation for this approach than a happy, pain-free, ex-patient.

Anybody suffering any type of back pain would be well advised to investigate this therapy first. It will be discovered that a professional Doylestown chiropractor will be able to provide long-lasting relief from the troubling symptoms. Results are what patients want most, and the numbers are on the side of chiropractic.

For more information about a knowledgeable Doylestown chiropractor, click here. You can see details about locations and services at now.