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Doylestown, PA Doctor Alleviates Migraine Headaches With Chiropractic

Migraine sufferers really dread the onset of an attack. From the first warning signs to final agonising throbbing, a migraine can last many hours. Unfortunately, many people plagued by this condition do not realise that a Doylestown chiropractor may be able to offer a simple and effective therapy which offers a high rate of success with a stubborn problem.

A frequent cause of migraines or persistent headaches is tenseness in the muscles or a spinal misalignment. Chiropractors are trained to handle both causes, and may be the best trained medical professionals for this sort of situation. It is certainly worth trying this approach, especially as it offers renewed hope.

Medications are often not effective for a migraine, and even aspirin has side effects from frequent large doses. While there may initially be some slight relief, it usually persists and may even come back stronger than ever. The problem is that treating the symptom cannot work as well as fixing the cause of a problem.

Chiropractors are taught to take a holistic view and identify the actual source of a problem. If this underlying problem is corrected or improved, the symptoms are also benefited or simply vanish. The results are also generally more long-lasting, although repeat sessions may sometimes become necessary in certain cases.

There are a number of chiropractic therapies which may prove useful such as adjustments or massage therapy. These are designed to get the bones in alignment and relieve any muscular tension. The pressure on any nerves which may be compressed is then alleviated, relieving pain and headaches.

There are several different reasons for migraines, and healing may not be as simple as anticipated. By visiting a good Doylestown chiropractor, you can find out what the likely cause is and the prognosis. The various techniques used are non-invasive and will not cause further harm or exacerbate the condition.

When there is a need to find a reliable Doylestown chiropractor, click here for information. You can learn about locations and services at now.

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Doylestown, PA Try Spinal Decompression Therapy – Dr. Jeff McQuaite

Doylestown, PA Chiropractor Alleviates Slipped Disc Pain Safely

Back pain is a common symptom and people frequently consult chiropractors to alleviate it. A Doylestown chiropractor has been trained over many years to identify the origin of the problem so that the appropriate technique can be applied. Chiropractic therapies have been proven over many years to be highly effective in relieving many of the conditions that cause this symptom.

A slipped or herniated disc is quite a common problem, and there are several possible reasons for this problem. While it may be pain free, in many cases it may cause excruciating pain if a nerve is compressed. Effective alleviation of the pain depends on investigating and identifying any misalignment or other problem in the back.

There are many different reasons for either chronic or acute pain. These symptoms may be muscular in origin as well as due to slipped discs, inflamed nerves, or other problems. Most of these conditions respond well to chiropractic therapies, which makes this the modality of choice for sufferers.

The most common condition for which chiropractic is recommended is in fact herniated discs. As a result, chiropractors have usually had extensive experience in dealing with all the many variations patients can present with. The best part is that most techniques employed are non-invasive and have no side-effects.

Anyone who is still uncertain should easily be able to find people who have experienced this sort of pain and found relief in chiropractic. Virtually all are sure to have experienced very satisfactory results. There can be no better recommendation for this approach than a happy, pain-free, ex-patient.

Anybody suffering any type of back pain would be well advised to investigate this therapy first. It will be discovered that a professional Doylestown chiropractor will be able to provide long-lasting relief from the troubling symptoms. Results are what patients want most, and the numbers are on the side of chiropractic.

For more information about a knowledgeable Doylestown chiropractor, click here. You can see details about locations and services at now.

Doylestown, PA Headache Doctor, Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Helps Hundreds Get Out Of Pain Fast

May 13, 2013 1 comment

Azzatori Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff McQuaite, D. C., Doylestown chiropractor, offers techniques and measures intended to reduce headache pain. Chiropractic medicine doesn’t use drugs or invasive techniques to improve wellness.

PRESS RELEASE: Doylestown, PA, 07-MAY-2013 – Azzatori Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, are pleased to announce safe and effective measures which enable local residents to obtain relief from the various types of headache pain. Head pain is due to many different causes, and is a common ailment in today’s world. In fact, headache pain can result in reduced performance at work, missed work days and general reduction of life enjoyment.

Headache pain can be caused by allergies, environmental issues, spinal misalignments, or stress issues. It is the focus of the chiropractor to determine the underlying cause of the pain and then to design a program which will address any of the causes and help in alleviating or removing the causes.

Speaking to an interviewer recently, Dr. McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, “At Azzatori Chiropractic, our intent is to provide a welcoming and affordable office visit with concern for your overall health. We know that headache pain means you cannot participate fully in the enjoyable activities of life.”

When a first consultation with the chiropractor is arranged, a comprehensive physical examination is conducted. It may be supplemented with a full medical history and digital imaging studies if needed. This information is compiled and used to develop a therapy plan in discussion with the patient. It is understood that a knowledgeable and invested patient is likely to show more rapid improvement and to sustain the wellness over time.

The underlying cause of the headache is addressed in the therapeutic actions. These techniques include natural and safe means. No invasive measures or pharmaceuticals are used.

Learn more about headache pain alleviation techniques using the up-to-the-minute methods that are available through the Doylestown chiropractor skills and actions by checking out the web pages at now. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the content included in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Jeff McQuaite, Doylestown chiropractor, at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jeff McQuaite, D. C.

Company Name: Azzatori Chiropractic Center

Address: 295 Logan Street, Doylestown, PA 18901

Contact Telephone Number: (267) 247-7000



Doylestown, PA Chiropractic & Auto Accident Pain – Dr. Jeff McQuaite

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Doylestown Chiropractor Discusses Cymbalta Commercial

I was home the other day for lunch and a Cymbalta commercial came on.  During the commercial, the voice over said how effective Cymbalta was for chronic musculoskeletal pain, which I was not aware it was used for.


However 2 other things that stood out the most to me was that the recommended dosage was once a day and the long list of side effects.  According to their website:

Cymbalta should generally be administered once daily without regard to meals.

In clinical studies, the most common side effects identified in people taking Cymbalta included:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Sleepiness
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased sweating


Cymbalta may be associated with serious side effects. Call your healthcare provider right away or seek emergency help if you experience any of the following:

  • Itching, right upper-belly pain, dark urine, yellow skin/eyes, or unexplained flu-like symptoms, which may be signs of life-threatening liver problems. Severe liver problems, some fatal, have been reported
  • High fever, confusion, stiff muscles, muscle twitching, or racing heart rate, which may be signs of serotonin syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition
  • Abnormal bleeding, especially if Cymbalta is taken with aspirin, NSAID pain relievers (like ibuprofen or naproxen), or blood thinners
  • Serious, possibly life-threatening skin reactions, which may include skin blisters, peeling rash, mouth sores, hives, or other allergic reactions
  • Abnormal mood (mania), which may include greatly increased energy, severe trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, talking more or faster than usual, and reckless behavior
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Decreased blood pressure upon standing, which can cause dizziness or fainting, mostly when first starting or increasing the dose. Cymbalta can also increase blood pressure. Your healthcare provider should check your blood pressure prior to and while taking Cymbalta
  • Headache, weakness or feeling unsteady, confusion, problems concentrating, or memory problems, which may be signs of low sodium levels in the blood. Elderly people may be at greater risk
  • Problems with urination, including decreased flow or inability to pass any urine
  • Changes in appetite or weight. Children and adolescents should have height and weight monitored



I know in my Doylestown chiropractic practice, that if I were to suggest that someone come see me everyday for their back pain AND I told them that you may experience any or all of the listed side effects, people would think that I am crazy!

So my question is, why are so many willing to take a prescription drug everyday, with this long list of potentially deadly side effects, yet so many balk at seeing a chiropractor 1-2 times a month?  At my office we have been helping the residents of Doylestown, Jamison, Warrington, Chalfont and the entire Central Bucks area rediscover a life without pain for over 15.  If you want to get off that medication train and start a non-surgical, drugless approach to your pain, give my office a call today.

Azzatori Chiropractic-Doylestown

Dr. Jeff McQuaite

295 Logan Street

Doylestown, PA 18901