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You Have Choices If You Are In Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong, and it’s important to react the right way when we experience it in our bodies. Some people react to every twinge of pain as if the sky is falling — they panic, and run to the doctor in search of a prescription to stop the pain. Others try to “work through the pain”, or ignore it, which can be like ignoring evidence of a leaky roof on your house — not a good long term policy.


Using powerful drugs to treat pain is rarely a good solution. It doesn’t treat the underlying cause, and it usually results in higher and higher doses of medication.

These days, health experts like the best local chiropractor recommend staying away from a strong reliance on drug-based treatments, and exploring other ways to treat the causes of pain.


For example, the American College of Physicians recently issued guidelines that call for a wider array of treatment options for people with acute back pain. These include: superficial heat, massage, and acupuncture or spinal manipulation, such as those offered by a Doylestown chiropractor.  For chronic back pain, effective treatment can include exercise, rehabilitation, acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

These last two have been cited in a study by the Group Health Research Institute and the University of Washington in Seattle as being effective in reducing the severity of pain and physical dysfunction.


Most of us will experience pain in our lives, and a significant percentage of it will be back pain. Recent studies suggest that if you experience pain, you shouldn’t make a pill your first option — there are other, safer ways out there to deal with the causes of pain.



If you tell the average person you have back pain, he or she will probably tell you to go to a chiropractor. If you say you have high blood pressure, most people won’t think of a local chiropractor right off the bat. It’s a fact, though, that chiropractors can help with other ailments besides back pain, although most people don’t know that. Chiropractors are trained in many areas of diagnosis and treatment, including pediatrics, nutrition, orthopedics, and sports medicine, and they can be a valuable part of your health care team.


Here are a few conditions chiropractors can treat that you might not know about.

Pregnancy pain. Pregnant women have many aches and pains, and some of them are because of improper alignment of the pelvis. Chiropractic treatment can assist with balancing the pelvis, which alleviates these aches and pains. The benefit is that this type of treatment does not require any medication, which is a good thing for an expectant mother and her baby. Studies have shown that 75 percent of women who received chiropractic care during pregnancy reported relief from pain.


Digestive problems. Because chiropractic treatment deals with nerves in the chest and abdominal region that are linked to digestion, it can be helpful in treating digestive ailments. Some research shows that herniated discs can cause chronic abdominal pain. Warrington PA. Chiropractors are experts at treating herniated disc issues, so in cases like this they can certainly help alleviate abdominal pain.


High blood pressure. Blood pressure is best controlled with diet, exercise, and medication, but don’t leave out chiropractic as part of your package of medical care. Some studies suggest that misaligned vertebra in the neck play a role in high blood pressure, and that regular chiropractic adjustments can help to lower your blood pressure.


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These days people are more educated than ever before about health, and they take a more active role in choosing which kind of treatment they want to receive. Alternative therapies are becoming more accepted as people investigate other options besides the traditional medical solutions of prescription drugs and surgery for many medical conditions.

Chiropractic care is one of those alternative therapies. There was a time when many in the medical profession looked down on chiropractors, and in fact the American Medical Association lost a federal antitrust lawsuit in 1987 because it was falsely claiming that chiropractic was harmful. Today, chiropractic is recognized as a viable alternative to surgery for spinal conditions. In fact, the general recommendation from the National Institute of Health is six weeks of manual therapy before any kind of spinal surgery is pursued. There have been numerous studies in the last decade that have confirmed what Doylestown chiropractors have known all along: that the various systems of the body and mind are much more interconnected than we realize, and problems in the spine and nervous system are often manifested in other areas of the body.

There are still some people in and outside of the medical profession who scoff at alternative methods like chiropractic. However, their numbers are decreasing daily. The smart people these days realize that traditional medicine and alternative therapies like chiropractic can work hand in hand for effective solutions to a host of ailments. Even insurance companies are realizing a health care system that harmonizes both approaches is best for everyone. In the long term, it saves businesses health dollar costs. It also keeps employees well, they perform better, and they’re more satisfied and happier.

Doylestown PA Chiropractors Offer Natural Pain Relief

Chiropractic therapy offers a naturally based, hands-on approach to pain management and relief. It is a non-invasive alternative for patients suffering from chronic to acute conditions and injuries that are impacting on everyday function and mobility. The Doylestown chiropractor focuses on the use of specific techniques to release the restrictions that have been placed on the musculoskeletal system.

A healthy spine is one of the most important factors in chiropractic care. When injury or degeneration occurs, the column can become misaligned and place a great deal of pressure on the musculoskeletal system. The application of specific methods such as spinal adjustments aim to restore nervous system function and promote healing methods.

Under the correct practice and circumstances, the body is able to draw on its innate abilities to facilitate recovery. Suitable techniques allow for improvements in strength and support to cope with the everyday demands placed on physical function. Individually based methods are developed to release a great deal of discomfort caused by physical and emotional strain.

Tension that affects the alignment of the spine causes subluxations of the vertebrae. This occurrence will place severe pressure and irritation on the nerves, vessels, and tissues connected to the spinal column. This can result in ongoing dysfunction, pain, and possible neurological imbalance.

Specific release techniques including adjustments are largely responsible for optimizing the functionality and the overall mobility of the spine. It has been shown to decrease the experience of discomfort and promote patient health. Such applications are performed without the need for invasive surgery as it draws on naturally based bodily processes.

The Doylestown chiropractor assists those searching for naturally based means of achieving a healthy state. Alternative means of managing chronic and acute conditions are advised. With methods required for spinal balance, one may achieve a release from restrictions in physical function and work towards a better quality of life.

Chiropractic care alleviates heel, knee, back and finger pain naturally. Click here for more information about a reputable Doylestown chiropractor at today.


Doylestown, PA Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain – Dr. Jeff McQuaite

How A Doylestown Chiropractor Alleviates Headaches Naturally With Chiropractic

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Headaches can place a considerable amount of strain on normal functioning. It is considered the most common condition that is reported to physicians on a regular basis. The Doylestown chiropractor focuses on problems which lead to headaches and can advise strategies best suited to personal requirements for a healthier outcome.

Headaches can be attributed to muscle tension, sinus as well as hypertension. When seeking alternative therapy, the professional will require that a physical assessment be conducted in order to determine the cause for symptoms. Chiropractors recognize that ongoing had pain is a sign from the body that misalignment of the spinal column or imbalance of essential systems may be present.

Often stress exposure can result in tension in the muscles and tissues in the neck. This places increased pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels, which contributes to the development of head pain. Where vertebrae in the neck have become misaligned due to physical or emotional trauma, it can irritate the blood vessels resulting in constriction and discomfort.

The primary focus of the chiropractic doctor is to address the balance and normal function of the musculoskeletal system. This means that all nerves, tissues, muscles, ligaments and bones are assessed and potential irregularities identified. Technique will be advised upon based on the individual requirements of the patient.

In many instances of misalignment, the professional may apply spinal adjustment. This process aims to address any vertebrae that have become misaligned and have resulted in ongoing pressure on nerves and tissues. It is important to discuss options with chiropractors and whether such recommendations are best suited to your needs.

The Doylestown chiropractor can advise on possible strategies to alleviate the discomfort attributed to head pain. Technique is based on safe and natural therapy to assist in the relief from ongoing headaches. It is necessary to understand that improvements may only appear after some time depending on the source for symptoms.

Chiropractic care alleviates migraine and shoulder pain quickly. You can get more information about a reputable Doylestown chiropractor at today.